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Subject: Re: Status report


OK, but why 'schema' in the first sentence instead of 'DTDs'.

I know you've done experimental DocBook schemas.  Does DocBook
have anything official in schema-land?

- Michael Sabrio
  Hewlett Packard
Norman Walsh wrote:

 > With the election of the new board, Karl has asked all the chairs to
 > submit a paragraph summary of their technical committees. Comments on
 > this summary before I send it in?
 >   The DocBook Technical Committee continues the active development of
 >   the DocBook schema. In the past few months, we've released the first
 >   official XML version of DocBook as well as an updated SGML version.
 >   We've also released EBNF, MathML, and HTML Forms modules. Upcoming
 >   work items include the V5.0 DTDs, a simplified DTD, an SVG module, and
 >   exploration of new schema languages.
 >                                         Be seeing you,
 >                                           norm

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