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Subject: [docbook-tc] FW: DOCBOOK: DocBook community of users

I'd like to add an item to the Dec 18 telcon agenda to discuss the
possibility of creating an official TC-maintained "Organizations known
to be using DocBook" list on (or linked to on) the OASIS home page.

Having such a list would make it easier to respond to "who's using
DocBook" queries like the one attached, which was posted today to the
general mailing list.

I think all we'd need is to have a short list of organization names
along with an e-mail address of whoever the "DocBook contact" for each
organization might be, and (maybe) a short description of what the
organization is using DocBook to produce.

For example, I just learned the other day through Ken Holman that
"Online-Learning.com" is using DocBook to author their online training
courseware, and also (currently) to maintain their website, so:

  Online-Learning.com           whomever@online-learning.com

    Online-Learning.com, a provider of training courses for technical
    writers and Web professionals, uses DocBook to produce their
    online training courseware and maintain their website.

I can take the action item on maintaining it, but could definitely use
help in gathering the organization names and details for the initial


Anyone know of a list of organizations using DocBook? I'm trying to get a
feeling for how wide-spread DocBook is and in what industries. 

Thanks in advance.

Cindy Rowland
Assistant Project Manager, Metadata & Taxonomy
Harvard Business School Publishing

Michael Smith, Tokyo, Japan    http://sideshowbarker.net

Crumbling is not an instant's Act
A fundamental pause
Dilapidation's processes
Are organized Decays.

  --Emily Dickinson (997)      http://www.logopoeia.com/ed/

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