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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] DocBook TC Meeting Minutes: 21 May 2002

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> writes:

> 9b. XML Character entities
> Mike: Looking at some Linux distributions and a distribution for the
> CygWin system, I noticed that they are distributing another version of
> the character entity files. Nobody should be tampering with those
> files, they should just be using the standard versions distributed at
> the OASIS DocBook site.
> We should come up with some mechanism for clearly identifying the
> files (internally) and indicate that they should not be changed.
> ACTION: Mike to file an bug report against the character entities.

The bug report is 559737:


Attached to the Tracker item is an updated "iso-num.ent" file to show
an example of the sort of prefatory comments we might want to add. I
just based those on the comments in the DocBook DTD files.

> |    514435 Allow reference within refentry
> Nancy: we allow deeply nested refsects for this purpose. So that
> subsidiary reference information could be placed in a single refentry.
> Mike: perhaps he could provide a more complete example of the problem,
> or how a new reflist element would work.
> ACTION: Mike to follow-up with the submitter for more detail.

I added a follow-up comment to the Tracker item for this RFE, and also
e-mailed the submittor (Brian Lalonde) to ask him to:

  * provide an example showing the content he wants to mark up
  * provide an an example showing how he proposes it should be marked
    up (i.e. with 'reflist').

That's it.


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