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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] Re: <refgroup>

Hi Nuno,

You wrote:

> Uhm, sorry but I'm not a docbook expert. I just write docs in a already 
> formed structure.
> What we are trying to accomplish is to change the current function 
> reference order, and group extensions by type.

I think you can do that using the Chapter/Section/Section/Refentry
structure, and not using Reference at all.

> So we have now two files:
> * the current used file (manual.xml)
> * RFC/manual.xml using the <refgroup>s.
> You can see an example of the first with our tool real time tool: 
> http://livedocs.homelinux.com

I think you mean specifically at the following, right?


So what you have currently is a "flat" structure that's basically
just Reference/Refentry, I guess.

> For the second, I just have two static pages:
> http://testes.aborla.net/manual.htm
> http://testes.aborla.net/funcref.htm

OK. There I see you have a hierarchy that varies between 2- and
3-levels deep. As far as I can see, that could be marked up like this -


I don't think you need a new element to mark up that structure. 

Nuno, Do you think it would be OK if I posted a message to the
php-docs list pointing out that it seems like DocBook already
provides valid markup for this?


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