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Subject: Re: Moving DocBook to the next step

/ Mary McRae <marypmcrae@gmail.com> was heard to say:
|   No problem ;-)  The next step would be for someone to make a motion to submit 4.5 a) for Committee Spec vote and b) if vote *a*
| passes, to submit for OASIS standard. That gets minuted and you notify me; I then create two web ballots. Both of these votes
| require super-majority and must be run by TC Admin. Assuming both votes pass, you then prepare the package for submission by the
| 15th of the month. Note: if you submit on Nov 15, the actual standard ballot would run from Dec 16-31; not sure what impact the
| holidays might have on turnout. There may be another potential standard submission at the sime time which could help boost voter
| turnout.

I believe the minutes, now approved at


record the TCs desire to take 4.5 (fresh from it's 60 day review)
forward as an OASIS Standard. Does that mean you now have to setup
votes, or am I still confused?

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http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | rather the best of methods, which
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                                   | Shih-T'ao

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