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Subject: assembly metadata container

I'm following up on my action item from the last DocBook TC. We agreed that <info> 
would be used in assembly elements to document the assembly element that contains the 
info, which follows the current usage of info in DocBook. We agreed that any override 
information that would be used when a resource is used in a module when it is 
assembled should be in another container element within module.  We need to decide on 
the name of that container now.  The three suggestions from the meeting were:

1.  info in a different namespace

2.  info-override

3.  info-resource.

I'll add one more:

4.  info-merge, to indicate this info is applied when topics are merged into a 

I'll make one observation on naming style: currently DocBook has no elements with 
hyphens in the name.  There is certainly no rule against it, but I thought I would 
point out that fact.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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