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Subject: assembly vs. XInclude

I'm following up on my action item to compare DocBook assembly to XInclude.

1. <resource> @href is a URI, and allows for a fragment identifier to pull part of a document, similar to an ID reference in XInclude's @xpointer.

2. <resource> does not support other xpointer schemes from XInclude, such as xpath.

3. <resource> elements accept common DocBook attributes, including effectivity, revisionflag, etc, but XInclude elements do not.

4. In assembly, transformations on incoming content are possible with assembly <transformation> element. XInclude 1.1 allows for @parse to be other than "xml" or "text", but other values are implementation-defined.

5. The assembly <module> element's @renderas can rename a resource's root element, something XInclude cannot do.

6. <module> element's <merge> child allows overriding of <info> elements in the resource, so can change <title>, etc.

7. <module> element's @omittitles attribute allows titles to be omitted from the resource.

8. <module> element's @contentonly can strip the wrapper element of the resource for insertion into a new element.

9. <module> elements support effectivity attributes, XInclude element does not.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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