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Subject: Groups - Meeting Minutes 15 February 2017 uploaded

Submitter's message
DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 15 February 2017

The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday,
15 February 2017 at 2:00pm ET


1. Roll call
Larry, Scott, and Dick. Regrets from Bob and Jirka

2. Accept the minutes [1] of the previous meeting (18 January 2017).
Seconded by Scott, accepted.

3. Next meeting: 15 March 2017

4. Review of the agenda.
>> Scott asked to add an item to next month's agenda to discuss the
future of the Publisher's schema.

NEW ACTION: Dick: add agenda item to discuss Publisher's schema at next meeting.

5. Review of open action items

a: Jirka: Investigate best method to resolve Github issue 52, after March, 2017.

b: Jirka: Re-open Github issue 53 and assign it the label "accepted"

c: Larry: Investigate whether we have already implemented Github 54
>> Some functionality is included, but some isn't. Therefore, allowing XInclude could
be useful. Larry volunteered to generate some sample cases to show where XInclude
would be useful.

d: Dick: For Github issue 71, investigate to see how we might add a license
link to legalnotice using class, info, or other existing markup.

e: Bob: Talk with Norm to clarify Github issue 72 and determine which
sites need https and which already have it.
>> Bob exchanged email with Norm, and Norm said he filed the RFE because it is now
considered good practice to use https for sites where people download files. Currently,
the official sources of DocBook schemas and stylesheets (oasis-open.org and github.com)
use https, but docbook.org does not. Looking at oasis-open.org and docbook.org, we
found that the main page for DocBook at oasis-open.org does not refer to 5.1 and docbook.org
also does not refer to 5.1. It is possible, that if docbook.org pointed to the currently https
locations of the schemas, we might not need to have https in place for that site.

NEW ACTION: TBD: Update docbook.org to include official 5.1 and point to OASIS for official
releases on docbook.org.
NEW ACTION: Bob: Update the OASIS front page for 5.1. If Dick has permission to edit that page,
he could also take this item.

6. Add buildtarget element (continue discussion on Github issue 6). Notes from last month:
Suggestions include:
- Use existing tag, systemitem, or function elements.
- Use a broader element, e.g., target
- Create a new buildtarget element
- Another element name that allows for branching.
- Are we trying to explain a build language?
Concern about whether we lose clarity if we go broader.

>> The originator of this issue (gaborbsd) replied with an example of a build target, which is
clearly a build target as defined in ANT or Make. Larry volunteered to come up with a list
of possibilities that would use current elements to see if we can address this need without
creating a new element.

NEW ACTION: Larry will come up with a list of alternatives within current elements.

7. Review of Requests for Enhancement

To find a Github issue by number, enter the URL (on one line):

6 Add buildtarget element
7 Allow revnumber inline.
52 Allow multimediaparam in imagedata
See action a: above.
53 Extend article @class with other and otherclass [ closed on 9/18/2016 ]
See action b: above.
54 Add XIncludes to Assembly Schema
See action c: above.
71 license tag (migrated from sourceforge)
See action d: above.
72 The DocBook websites should really be using https
See action e: above.
74 (Re)allow recursive use of optional

[1] https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/201701/msg00003.html

-- Mr. Richard Hamilton
Document Name: Meeting Minutes 15 February 2017

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Submitter: Mr. Richard Hamilton
Group: OASIS DocBook TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2017-02-15 11:58:16

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