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Subject: DocBook TC meeting item: license tag

Following up on my action item from the last meeting, I exchanged email with Fredrik Unger, who originated the request for a license tag.

He sent me a link to a page that describes what he is asking for. Here is the link: https://article.tree.se/tools/docbook/cc

There is a link to a DocBook sample that is marked up using this tag (https://article.tree.se/tools/docbook/cc.en.xml)

To summarize, he suggests adding a license element to copyright, which currently allows only holder and year as child elements. The license element would contain attributes to identify the type, version, and jurisdiction of the license, and it would also allow a link (through the common linking attributes) and text.

The idea is to allow you to include information about licenses that require particular wording and/or links to a license page (e.g., Creative Commons).

Let’s discuss possibilities at the TC meeting tomorrow.

XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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