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Subject: License documents

This is in regards to my task of sending samples of documents that include license information.  We generally produce two types of license documents (currently, none of them are produced using markup):


1.      Our standard license (in this case for software, hardware is similar enough that it doesn’t have more considerations).  This is a pretty straightforward document but has a lot of content about usage of the intellectual property:

2.      Our Additional license Authorizations document that is a much more complex document.  It includes some standard boilerplate, a table listing all of the open source components included in the product, and then copies of all the licenses that the various components use (many of them have more than one license associated with them based on how they are used – by reference, embedded, modified, etc.).  It is just a de-duplicated list of license in alphabetical order.  We would like to have linkages between the table and the licenses in the back, but now this is based on producing a text file that is imported into MS Word and linkages are pretty impractical (in fact, the whole document is pretty primitive from a structural sense).  I’d prefer to be generating DocBook and then producing PDF directly:


Both these documents are structurally weak (lack ToC and cross references within the documents).  There are links to lots of our license documents at https://www.hpe.com/us/en/software/licensing.html.



Larry Rowland

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