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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 11 April 2018

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 11 April 2018


The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday, 11 April 2018

(11am PDT, 12noon MDT, 1pm CDT, 2pm EDT, and 8pm CEST)


1.           Roll call 

a.       Bob Stayton, Larry Rowland, Dick Hamilton, Scott Hudson

2.           Accept the minutes [1] of the previous meeting (14 March 2018) 

a.       accepted.

3. Next meeting: 9 May 2018 

4. Review of the agenda. 

                a. Assemblies

                b. XIncludes vote

5. Review of open action items

a: Larry: See if we can use Jirka's suggested RDFa vocabulary

for license links for the examples Larry identified. COMPLETED.

- Issue 71: Parts can be done using RDFa, but some require structural changes. Jirka pointed out an issue that there is no definitive RDFa vocabulary, which will make portability more difficult. This will need to be addressed. There is no obvious solution to only use RDFa. ACTION: Add to agenda for next mtg.

b. Bob to follow up with Chet regarding Errata 01 approval. COMPLETED. It has been approved and posted to OASIS.

c.   Bob to update Docbook.org to reflect Errata 01. Will revise link once approved. CONTINUED.

- Bob will wait until the schema is available on the site for download.

d. Larry to follow up with user on github issue to confirm usability of Subfigures solution before we accept it for 5.2 (Github issue 94) COMPLETED.

                - User liked it better than what was originally proposed.

e. Jirka will prepare a new release. (5.2) CONTINUED.

f. Bob to follow up with Jirka to close Github issue 54. CONTINUED.

- Assembly XIncludes. Requires a vote.

g. Bob to follow up on DocBook.org to publish Github issue 78. COMPLETED.

h. Jirka to fix Github issue 88 in place.

- This is in regards to the approved 5.0 Errata 01 (Schematron and naming). Norm changed source back in 2014, but in 5.1 Schematron rules, the title doesn't have the Schematron namespace in the release files. This will require an Errata in 5.1. ACTION: Bob to follow up with Jirka to determine why the namespace was lost. Add this to agenda for 5.1 Errata.

i. Bob to fix the catalog as part of the 5.0 Errata 01. CONTINUED.

- Not possible for 5.0 Errata. This should be fixed as part of 5.1 Errata.

j. Dick to follow up on issue 99 Add <endorsement> to <info>. COMPLETED.

k. Bob to follow up on issue 97 Missing bibliography in glossary. COMPLETED.


6. Additions to agenda

     a. Assemblies

Bob: We want to be able to connect a resource to a transform element, such that some process can be used to transform the resource so it can be used in the assembly.

A sequence of transforms might be needed, so we cannot assume that the result of any transform is in DocBook.

Larry: one use case is to normalize content into DocBook for further processing. The second use case is to produce an output of a specific type. DocBook, by default, doesn't produce Help systems, so this is why an associated transform is needed.

Bob: We shouldn't mix stylesheet functionality for output documents.

Larry: This should be bound to a specific module. We should have an example of this. The grammar attribute is what links a resource to a transform.

Bob: In some cases we are using @name to do this, in other places @grammar. If you had to have different transforms (say content from different companies), you might need the @name and @grammar.

You can use either @name or @grammar on transform. You should provide one or the other on the transform. The resource should match with @grammar or @transform.

For example, given <transform name="dita2docbook" grammar="dita1.2" href="">

You can specify either:

<resource href="" grammar="dita1.2"/>


<resource href="" transform=" dita2docbook "/>


Larry: You can have more than one output defined for a structure. An output allows a format or to specify a transform. Format should go through base DocBook stylesheets; transform is used to define a custom stylesheet.

Bob: So a module allows an output as well. Do we want to change it?

Larry: No, more likely we would use renderas for modules, but don't think we want to remove it.

Bob: Once we are clear on what we want, we can look at how the schemas are impacted.

Bob: The assembly is content, not specifically a transform. The assembly should provide signals for how something is intended, but the transform is done by an external process.

Scott: we can set "flags" to inform a processor, but it doesn't do the transform itself. It's similar to conditional filtering, but for external processors.

Bob: right.

Larry: Found the example about module transforms.


ACTION: Larry to re-post.


We will continue discussion on the mailing list.


     b. XIncludes vote –

Larry moves to add XInclude support to Assemblies for DocBook 5.2. Dick seconds. Unanimously approved.

ACTION: Larry to create a candidate for the necessary schema changes.


7. Social media presence for DocBook

Purpose: To raise awareness of actions (votes, calls for information, etc.)

Scott posted announcement of 5.0 Errata 01 approval.


8. Review of Requests for Enhancement

To find a Github issue by number, enter the URL (on one line):



Open Issues (Note: items that have been accepted are still open

on Github until included in a release,

but they are not listed here):


6 Add buildtarget element


49 Support multimple image resolutions (NOTE: resolve by #52. Should we 



54 Add XIncludes to Assembly Schema


71 license tag


72 The DocBook websites should really be using https


78 Schema website should be updated


88 DB 5.0: @name -> title change not published on docbook.org


93 Diff between doc of resource element and Assembly schema


94 Allow subfigures


97 Missing bibliography in glossary

Misclassified. Should be a stylesheet issue.


98 recursive glossentry causes XSL exception

Misclassified. Should be a stylesheet issue?


99 Add <endorsement> to <info>



100 DocBook 5.1 catalog.xml uses incorrect version



[1] https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/docbook/email/archives/201802/msg00002.html




Thanks and best regards,




Voting member:

Boeing Data Standards Technical Advisory Board

OASIS DocBook TC (Secretary), Publishers SC (Chair)

OASIS DITA TC, Tech Comm SC, LwDITA SC, Learning Content SC (Secretary)


OASIS Augmented Reality in Information Products (ARIP) TC


Scott Hudson
Content Strategist, Digital Aviation Learning and Development

Jeppesen, A Boeing Company

55 Inverness Drive East

Englewood, CO  80112

303-328-6228 | Cell: 303-350-7934



This document contains only administrative, uncontrolled data under U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

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