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Subject: DOCBOOK: how to write Bibliography?


I'm using DocBook V1.0.2 to write my dissertation. I can't seem to find
a good way to organize bibliography. In particular, does any one know if
there's a way to add references like "<Tag id="fixed_pointer">[1] ..."
or "<Tag id="Liu1999">[Liu1999] ..." and refer to they in the text as
"<AnotherTag id="fix_pointer">..." or "<AnotherTag id="Liu1999">..."? It
would be nice to be able to change index numbers without manually change
all referring point. To write a large document, this is a must-have
feature. I guess I'll have to switch to other tools if I DocBook doesn't
support this.

The DocBook example itself doesn't come with a bibliography so I can't
learn from there. I'm not aware of any other sample DocBook document. If
anyone can give me a pointer to other sample DocBook documents, it would
be great, too.



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