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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: DocBook 4.0: ClassSynopsis

/ Dmitry Tsitelov <cit@comcon.spb.ru> was heard to say:
| Excuse me again, but how must be documented C++ classes like this one:
| class Rectangle_with_data:  virtual Shape, virtual Data_container
| {
| ...
| };
| "virtual" keywords are very important in this situation for class behavior
| understanding.
| May be, such modification of ClassSynopsis will be more acceptable:
|  <!ELEMENT ClassSynopsis - - ( ( Modifier*,
| (ClassName|InterfaceName|ExceptionName) )+,
|                               (ClassSynopsisInfo
|                                |FieldSynopsis|%method.synop.class;)*)>

That seems to work:

<classsynopsis language="cpp">

Imagining the fully general case, I start to wish that I had
wrappers around these things:

  <!ELEMENT classref (modifier*, classname)>

But I'm not sure it's worth it. And classref isn't a good name :-(
And then I'll really have no excuse not to put wrappers around the
set of superclasses, exceptions, and interfaces, will I? :-)

I've never done a lot of OO programming in C++, can you provide
a few more complex signatures. Something with interfaces and
exceptions?  And a few templates, as long as we're at it?


Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | When the situation is desperate,
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | it is too late to be serious. Be
Member, DocBook Editorial Board    | playful.--Edward Abbey

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