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Subject: DOCBOOK: List traffic

As DocBook grows in popularity and more and more people begin to
use it, it seems like we're getting a distinct split in the list

There is a fairly low volume of general semantic/structural
issues and a somewhat larger volume of stylesheet or formatting
related issues.

I'm afraid that the preponderance of stylesheet related messages
is going to start to drive away some of the readers who are
interested in DocBook but have no experience with the free
formatters (questions about commercial formatters are much less

IMHO, that would be a dreadful shame. We have readers on this
list with significant and important implementation experience
and I feel that their continued participation is vital to our
long term success.

I think it's time to split the list and the DocBook TC has agreed.

I've asked OASIS to create a docbook-formatting mailing list for
formatting issues. I'll announce that list when it's
available. (In the meantime, please keep sending all your
questions here.)


Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | [The internet is] the largest
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | equivalence class in the reflexive
Member, DocBook Editorial Board    | transitive symmetric closure of
                                   | the relationship 'can be reached
                                   | by an IP packet from.'--Seth
                                   | Breidbart

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