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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Problem with horizontal span

/ Karlheinz Eckmeier 46372 <Karlheinz.Eckmeier.extern@ae3.hypo.de> was heard to say:
| I've encountered a problem with horizontal spans in tables:
|    I'm specifying a horizontal span across all columns in a table 
|    and using this span on the first row in the table. 
|    My output (pdf) shows an empty cell in column1, the text shows up in
|    the cell in colums 2. The rest of the row is displayed as a span
|    with no border line on the right end of the table. 
| The problem seems to only arise if the span is used on the first row 
| of the table. It works if used onto i.e. the second row. 
| Please see the attatched example containing two tables: 
| one with a span in the first row (showing the problem) and a 
| second table with the first two rows swapped (no problem occuring).

I don't see the source document in your attachments, but I'm willing
to bet it's a JadeTeX problem. JadeTeX has a rough time with tables.

Try the HTML backend, if you get the right results there, it's probably
a JadeTeX problem. If you get the wrong results, it's probably a coding
problem in your source table.


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