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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: need help with this ,


it seems you've included too many  morerows="2" attributes into your
markup. I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve here,
but there are only 2 rows in your example table. There aren't enough 
rows within your table to satisfy the morerows attributes in the first 
row, let alone for the second row.


On Sun, Feb 06, 2000 at 07:38:16PM +0530, madhu wrote:
> hi
> i am getting this error when ever i try to parse this attached file .jade gives
> out this error:
> "jade:/~/maddy/docbook/docbook/html/../lib/dblib.dsl:1515:13:E:argument out of
> range"
> can somebody help me to debug this.
> a little background 
> this is a part of the manual and this is a new addition so i know for sure that
> this error is becuase of this file .
> basically i want a table in which some fields have more data and some have none
> if need be i can provide more details 
> thank you in advance 
> regards
>   -- 
> maddy
> ***********----------------************---------------------**************-----------******** 
> "Any path is only a path,Does this path have a heart?If it does,The path is
> good;if it doesn't it is of no use"
> 		Carlos Castaneda,The teachings of Don Juan
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Karlheinz Eckmeier                                 ConSol* Software GmbH
Karlheinz.Eckmeier@consol.de	   Franziskanerstr. 38, D-81669 Muenchen        
##### ConSol* 1998 unter "Europe's 500 fastest growing companies" ######
z.Zt.: HypoVereinsbank Muenchen, Hohenlindener Str. 1,  D-81677 Muenchen
Karlheinz.Eckmeier.extern@ae3.hypo.de            Phone: +49 89 378-46372
<chapter label="13" id="mnbhd">                        
    <title>People behind the scenes</title>
    <para>Knowing who is doing what to which card might be useful ,incase you would
      like to chip-in ,contribute .or it could be that you have a idea which might
      enhance the present Drivers .So here is all that you would like to know about
      the men behind <acronym>ALSA</acronym></para>
    <table pgwide="1" frame="all"><title>Ringside view</title>
      <tgroup cols="5">  <thead>
	    <entry morerows="1" valign="top">Gravis UltraSound Plug & Play,Dynasonic 3-D
	      STB Sound Rage 32,UltraSound 32-Pro (STB)
	    <entry morerows="1" valign="middle">AMD InterWave</entry>
	    <entry morerows="1" valign="middle">MIXER,PCM,
	    <entry morerows="1" valign="middle">Jaroslav Kysela
	    <entry morerows="1" valign="middle">NA</entry>
	    <entry valign="middle">NA</entry>
	    <entry valign="middle">Gravis UltraSound MAX</entry>
	    <entry valign="middle">MIXER,PCM,
	    <entry valign="middle">Jaroslav Kysela
	    <entry valign="middle">NA</entry>


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