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Subject: DOCBOOK: Patch for DocBook DSSSL HTML Stylesheet


when using the DocBook DSSSL HTML Stylesheet I noticed that it doesn't use the value of
%graphic-default-extension% in <imagedata> tags.

The attached patch fixes this (apply to html/db31.dsl).

Or maybe this is not a good idea ? 


Didier Frick  
Freelance Software Developer & Consultant
Sun Certified Java Programmer
--- db31.dsl~	Thu Dec 16 08:16:38 1999
+++ db31.dsl	Wed Feb  9 18:14:53 2000
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@
 	    (include-file (entity-generated-system-id entityref)))
 	(make element gi: "IMG"
 	      attributes: (append
-			   (list (list "SRC" filename))
+			   (list (list "SRC" (graphic-file filename)))
 			   (if alttext
 			       (list (list "ALT" alttext))

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