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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Revisited JadeTeX problem: ULINKs extend out of the page margins

Thomas Andre Berger writes:
 > >  > {7.699\p@}}\def\UrlSpecials{}\urlstyle{same}\Url{dist}\endSeq{}\endNode{} appears in your current directory. Change to
 > Well, I tried to remove everyting, then it worked, but when I added
 > \Url{...} it failed.  Then I discovered that I need a \begingroup in
 > front.  Then that worked.

its a subtle package, url.sty

 > Then I needed to retranslate "\char95{}".  I found out that I had to
 > translate it to "\_", to have jadetex accept it outside \Url.  But
 > this didn't work as expected inside \Url.

yes, as expected :-}

 > If anyone is interested, i can give them the perl script.  However, it
 > will only work when you have the filename start and end on the same
 > line in the tex output, which is not the case if you have some
 > subelementes inside you file element within the SGML source.

solvable, presumably, with some more complex Perl?

 > bookmarks to work, thanks!  I just have one small wish, and that is
 > when using bookmarks, one gets transferred to just after the heading.

Hmm. I know that phenomenon. I will have to experiment.

 >  [ Another small wish is to have valign implemented in table
 >    rows/cells, so that text isn't always aligend at the top of the
 >    cell.  If it's too hard to make it general, how can I change the
 >    default behaviour in jadetex, so that text is aligen to middle (or
 >    bottom)?

that's not so easy. can you make a simple test file?

 >    I also tried the \hypersetup{colorlinks, linkcolor=black}
 >    to get rid of the red boxed on hyper links, but no success.
 >    I don't think that is important though.

the next release of the hyperref package
will add a feature to let me make this easy.


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