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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Revisited JadeTeX problem: ULINKs extend out of the page margins

Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> writes:

> Thomas Andre Berger writes:
>  > \Seq%
>  > {\def\fFamName{Courier-New}\def\fSize%
>  > {7.699\p@}}\def\UrlSpecials{}\urlstyle{same}\Url{dist}\endSeq{}\endNode{} appears in your current directory. Change to
>  > 
>  > after the tex filer is applied [see above].
> so does it work if you cut out 
>   \def\UrlSpecials{}\urlstyle{same}

Well, I tried to remove everyting, then it worked, but when I added
\Url{...} it failed.  Then I discovered that I need a \begingroup in
front.  Then that worked.

Then I needed to retranslate "\char95{}".  I found out that I had to
translate it to "\_", to have jadetex accept it outside \Url.  But
this didn't work as expected inside \Url.

Made a perl hack that converts "\char95{}" and "\$" (by filenames
contains $ signs) to plainn "_" and "$".  Then that worked.

If anyone is interested, i can give them the perl script.  However, it
will only work when you have the filename start and end on the same
line in the tex output, which is not the case if you have some
subelementes inside you file element within the SGML source.

And Sebastian, I tried your new jadetex and it looks very good.  I got
bookmarks to work, thanks!  I just have one small wish, and that is
when using bookmarks, one gets transferred to just after the heading.
This can be somewhat confusing, since you don't see the title of the
section you just clicked [if looking at the PDF document with enought
zoom].  Is it possible to be transferred to the start of the title
(heading), so you easily see where to start reading.

 [ Another small wish is to have valign implemented in table
   rows/cells, so that text isn't always aligend at the top of the
   cell.  If it's too hard to make it general, how can I change the
   default behaviour in jadetex, so that text is aligen to middle (or

   I also tried the \hypersetup{colorlinks, linkcolor=black}
   to get rid of the red boxed on hyper links, but no success.
   I don't think that is important though.


> yuck. howsabout you translate that \char95{} back into _ in your Perl?
> edit the file by hand to the bare minimum until it works, then
> gradually build back up..

Thanks for your adviced an interest in doing shome work on jadetex.

 Thomas André Berger               Open Systems Computing a.s
 email: thomasbe@osc.no            Kongensgt. 9, N-0153 Oslo, Norway
                                   phone +47 2331 4758, fax +47 2220 0285

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