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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: bib lists

Dave Pawson asked:
| Terry A said:
|      We didn't make specific provision for initials in this 
|      context (and in fact, we probably went too far as it is;
|      we should have been content with Name and Sortname, given
|      how many varieties of naming there are around the world).
| Tend to agree with this one.
| I need to id the author, but am content with
| simply that <author> surname initial initial</author>

If we were going to do it over I would lean toward

<author sortname="Allen">Terry Allen</>

| Then I could put a whole bunch of 'em in their if needs be.
| worthwhile suggesting such a simplification?

Actually there's probably going to be an OASIS TC on names
and addresses; we'd probably be better off to see what they
come up with, so long as the present markup can be made
to work.

| Too late for 4?


regards, Terry

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