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Subject: DOCBOOK: MediaObject, ImageObject & ImageData problems - Please Help

I was trying to play with the MediaObject element and see what I can do in terms of using eps images & gifs, so I tried this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DTD DocBk XML V3.1.7//EN" "x:\docbook\docbookx.dtd" [
<!ENTITY epsimage SYSTEM "x:/pool/cases/epsimage.eps" NDATA EPS>
<!ENTITY gifimage SYSTEM "x:/pool/cases/gifimage.gif"NDATA GIF>
<chapter lang="en"><?dbhtml filename="images test cases.html"?>
<title>Graphics &amp; figures with DocBook</title>
<para><figure><title>Notre Dame de Paris</title>
<mediaobject><imageobject><imagedata align="right"  entityref="epsimage" format="EPS" scale="50"></imagedata></imageobject><imageobject><imagedata align="right"  entityref="gifimage" format="GIF" scale="50"></imagedata></imageobject></mediaobject></figure></para>
<para><figure><title>Notre Dame de Paris</title>
<mediaobject><imageobject><imagedata entityref="epsimage" format="EPS" width="181" scalefit="true"></imagedata></imageobject><imageobject><imagedata entityref="gifimage" format="GIF" width="181" scalefit="true"></imagedata></imageobject></mediaobject></figure></para>
When I output this using jade in both html & rtf format, the first picture is not aligned on the right side of the doc nor scaled 50% as it should be and the second one is not scaled either. What am I doing wrong ?
Any help appreciated,
Stéphane Bline.

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