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Subject: DOCBOOK: dsssl V1.54 and DTD V4.0 or greater issue

I've tried searching all the archives and browsing all the emails I've gotton
from the list.
I'm suprised to see this hasn't been brought up before.

In the move from version 3.1 to > 4.0 (well actually 4.1 and 4.1.1beta1 XML)
the <artheader/> was changed to <articleinfo/> and the dsssl Modular DocBook
Style sheets don't seem to render the <articleinfo/> the same way <artheader/>
was rendered. I've tried this with two different machines. One runs Linux
(SlackWare 7.0) and the other (Win NT 4.0), both use OpenJade 1.3. I tried
this with DocBook DTDs both SGML and XML versions 4.0, 4.1, and 4.1.1beta1
They all exibit the same rendering for <articleinfo/>

Heres the rundown on the rendering. I'm just wondering if it's intentional and
if so how to revert it back to look as if I use <artheader/> instead.

+ the <abstract/> is printed twice. Once at the very top and once in the
proper location after the revision.
+ A horizontal line after then the title/author/revision in a small font
colored red.

Are these intended results or is the <articleinfo/> sopposed to be the same as

Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks :-)

PS I attached a document I used to test this out.

Feel free to contact me (flames about my english and the useless of this
driver will be redirected to /dev/null, oh no, it's full...).
	-- Michael Beck, describing the PC-speaker sound device


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