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Subject: DOCBOOK: "jargon" element?

I have been using DocBook a lot lately to write material for a Linux class
I teach.  The text mainly is in Dutch, but I have to use a lot of
technical terms that come from English.  I tag these with
<foreignphrase>; the usual stylesheets emphasize these.  However, I feel
that this is not the fully appropriate way of tagging these terms.  For
instance, if I were to translate these texts into English, I still would
want to mark these words for being technical terms, especially on first
occurrence, for instance for indexing.

So is there an appropriate tag for things like these in DocBook (I could
not identify one)?

If nothing appropriate yet exists, is is conceivable to introduce an
in-line element <jargon> or <technicalTerm> or something similar?


	Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters
		NL-1062 KD nr 149	tel.    +31-204080204
 			Amsterdam	e-mail  tpeters@xs4all.nl

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