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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: "jargon" element?

begin A.R. (Tom) Peters quotation:
> I have been using DocBook a lot lately to write material for a Linux class
> I teach.  The text mainly is in Dutch, but I have to use a lot of
> technical terms that come from English.  I tag these with
> <foreignphrase>; the usual stylesheets emphasize these.  However, I feel
> that this is not the fully appropriate way of tagging these terms.  For
> instance, if I were to translate these texts into English, I still would
> want to mark these words for being technical terms, especially on first
> occurrence, for instance for indexing.
> So is there an appropriate tag for things like these in DocBook (I could
> not identify one)?
> If nothing appropriate yet exists, is is conceivable to introduce an
> in-line element <jargon> or <technicalTerm> or something similar?

how about <foreignphrase role="jargon"> or <phrase role="jargon">?


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