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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Element for literal "passthrough"?

At 09:39 AM 4/3/01 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
/ "M. Wroth" <mark@astrid.upland.ca.us> was heard to say:
| The project is, BTW, a literate programming extension to DocBook, and
| this is part of getting the "tangle" (code output) branch to work.  So

Interesting. Have you considered using XSLT instead of DSSSL? I believe
that you'd get the "right" answer if your "tangle" transformation used
the "text" output method.

I considered it, and chose to go with DSSSL for several reasons: An XSLT solution may be in the future; one of the attractive things about doing this project in SGML/DSSSL is that it should be straightforward to process the resulting documents using various tools, rather than a major code effort.

In DSSSL, I'd be tempted to examine each character in the output and
do the right thing without the <literalchar> hack. It'd be slower,
probably, but so much cleaner :-)

That would require more DSSSL expertise than I have, I think.  But the main objection I have is that the code text can contain markup -- xref at a minimum, but potentially all of the markup currently in programlisting plus some additional markup aimed at "prettyprinting" the code, and entity references (taking the place of macros in some senses).  So doing the "right thing" is pretty close to parsing general SGML.  It's easier to define a few entities and use them in appropriate places in the code, I think (although if I wind up using this for SGML code, I may change my mind :-).

Mark B. Wroth

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