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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Okay, why?

I think in the long run XML will be the answer, because that's where the 
tool development effort is going.  At the moment, it's less clear to me 
that the tools have gotten there.

At 07:24 PM 4/5/01 +0000, David Johnson wrote:
>Philosophical question. I've been setting up docbook at work, and I made the
>unfortunate mistake of trying to use XML stylesheets. With most of the week
>gone down the drain, I have some burning questions before I go mad...
>Are there any benefits to XML over SGML when it comes to docbook? Is it worth
>my time to learn Java and fix those XSLT engines, or is it better spent
>learning scheme and dsssl?
>David Johnson
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Mark B. Wroth

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