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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Okay, why?

From: David Johnson <david@usermode.org>

>Philosophical question. I've been setting up docbook at work, and I made the 
>unfortunate mistake of trying to use XML stylesheets. With most of the week 
>gone down the drain, I have some burning questions before I go mad...
>Are there any benefits to XML over SGML when it comes to docbook? Is it worth 
>my time to learn Java and fix those XSLT engines, or is it better spent 
>learning scheme and dsssl?

I've had the same experience.  Despite the momentum behind XML,


is a great, multiplatform toolchain which you can start using
this afternoon.

If you are *already* running other XML applications, and have
therefore already vetted a toolchain, you can also start using
DocBook XML this afternoon.


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