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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: XML / SGML dtd compatible?

> [SGML dtd ] different error
> C:\wxwin\wx26bc\contrib\include\wx\canvas\docbook\htmldocbook>c:\tools\docbook\jade\jade
> -t sgml -ihtml -d c:/tools/docbook-d
> sssl-1.70/html/klaas2.dsl ../canvasbt.sgm
> c:\tools\docbook\jade\jade:../chap_wxcanvas.sgm:43:54:E: character data
> is not allowed here
> Which is exactly at the end of the line where i added the slash />
> Any idea ?

Well, the problem is kind of basic.
It comes from a different syntax between SGML and XML.
Empty elements, in XML, are written <name/>, which embodies both <element> and </element>.

By the way, a question for the gurus. Does the web amendments for SGML permit XML syntax in



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