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Subject: Null endtag in XML [was: RE: DOCBOOK: XML / SGML dtd compatible?]


>>> c:\tools\docbook\jade\jade:../chap_wxcanvas.sgm:43:54:E: character data
>>> is not allowed here
>>> Which is exactly at the end of the line where i added the slash />
>>> Any idea ?
>>Well, the problem is kind of basic.
>>It comes from a different syntax between SGML and XML.
>>Empty elements, in XML, are written <name/>, which embodies both <element> and </element>.
>>By the way, a question for the gurus. Does the web amendments for SGML permit XML syntax in

These rules are defined by the corresponding SGML declaration. The SGML declaration for XML contains
the following (among other things):

The last line (in it's context) permits the XML syntax of <elem ... />. One can hack up his own
working variant of SGML declaration, containing this rule, for his tools to use. As for DocBook
documents that are valid XML, you can use
	jade -t xxx -d xxx xml.dcl your-doc.sgml
to process [your-doc.sgml] with XML declaration (which is in [xml.dcl] file in the Jade distribution

Andrey Taranov,
Customized Information Systems,
Moscow, Russia

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