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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: Markup for personal names

> On 22 Jun 2001, at 17:54, Peter Ring wrote:
> While Dublin Core might often be appropriate for *delivery* of common
> metadata, it is not really intended for basic markup in your repository.
Gee, I don't know. Is it possible to assure the right intention for 
everything? Some persons use a baseball bat as a form of 
protection; I prefer to take a baseball bat to the batting cages. 
Some people write documents with DocBook; others use it to 
exchange documents. :>) 
There are some DTDs which quite effectively use DC elements to provide metadata (http://www.ontoknowledge.org/oil/dtd/).  
My point was merely whether it is necessary to have a rich 
semantic (as currently in DocBook) or whether a simple semantic 
is sufficient. As well described in the following article you 
mentioned, there are ways to extend DC to make it more rich.

> To learn more about the evolution and scope of the Dublin Core, see
> http://www.dlib.org/dlib/january01/lagoze/01lagoze.html.
While I do not suggest this approach, I believe most processing 
applications do not require a highly-defined level of semantic for 
publishing metadata or for doing intelligent searches with such 
content. In the case of marking up first names and surnames, I add 
a transformation step to DocBook documents to dumb the name-
related information down into a DC-compliant format, which is more 
simple to search than a highly-refined semantic. There's only one 
"Jeff Iezzi" a billion "Jeff"s and few less "Iezzi"s within a certain 
context. Replace my name with "Michael Smith" and the results 
are similar once you express a relation to the "Michael Smith" of 
xml-doc. :>)
To conclude, if you consider DocBook an interchange DTD, it might 
make sense to publish the metadata encoded in a DocBook 
document in a format that can be made available to metadata 
handling systems.
Just trying to contribute ...


Jeff Iezzi

-- EOF --

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