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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Docbook -> Text

At 08:33 14/08/2001 -0400, Dan York wrote:
> > There isn't a direct method ?
>The next couple of weeks are crazy for me, but after that I am toying
>with the idea of creating a "text" series of XSLT stylesheets based
>on what Norm did with the HTML stylesheets.... as I, too, need to go
>to plain text for some things... so maybe several of us could work
>on that.

Had you thought about using the 4xt combination with XT?
I've used it successfully to get plain text, well formatted.
It will struggle with full docbook, though the principle is great.
  That way, everything is either para or list, which gets
well laid out, with good word breaking.

Regards DaveP

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