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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: <*list> In or After <para>?

"David Cramer" <david_cramer@broadjump.com> writes:

> Actually, I do just that--close the para before the list, but I don't
> like it for the reason mentioned previously in this thread: the list
> often really is part of the para. 

I know. :-)
I think the same way you and Norman do... But unfortunately, as he
said, it doesn't always generate valid HTML.

When I'm not concerned with HTML, I put the list in the context it
belongs to.

> I guess I was trying to say that I don't understand why the stylesheets
> give you this: 
> <p>Text. Text. Text.
> <ol>
> <li>...</li>
> <li>...</li>
> </ol>
> </p>

Think of them as something that's semi-intelligent. ;-) They aren't
smart enough to change context here. And, I think, it would require a
lot of work to make them look at the following elements everytime you
have a para --- or the previous element every time you have some kind
of list. And, think that these aren't the only kind of blocks that can
be mixed... It would become a nightmare. 

> I make the spacing before the list whatever I want with css:
> P, OL 
> {
>        margin-top: 0.1in;
> Never mind :)

I always do the HTML stuff associated with CSS... This way, I only
have to be sure that the stylesheets generate valid HTML and put the
correct classes / IDs / whatever in the output. :-)

Maintenance becomes easier this way. 

Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

Solutions Developer       - Conectiva Inc. - http://www.conectiva.com
Desenvolvedor de Soluções - Conectiva S.A. - http://www.conectiva.com.br

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