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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: layout of mediaobjects (images)

Norman Walsh wrote:

> [Follow-ups to docbook-apps, please.]
> / Stefan Seefeld <seefeld@sympatico.ca> was heard to say:
> | contains references to 'url(figures/prototype.jpg)', which FOP can't
> | find (I get an error from FOP like
> | 
> | /home/stefan/Berlin/Berlin/doc/Tutorial/Berlin/url(figures/resolve.jpg) (No such file or directory)
> | Is this a FOP bug or a docbook.xsl bug ?
> It's a FOP bug. But the stylesheets provide a workaround, if you set
> the variable 'fop.extensions' the url() wrapper won't be generated.

thanks a lot for the tip ! And since this one was so easy, hear is another one :)

There are a couple of cases, such as table of content, list of figures, etc.,
where the text (i.e. all the names) are strangly layed out. The text is centered, and
spaces are stretched to fill up the line (if possible). Short, unreadable and ugly.
Do you have a similarly simple solution for this one ?

(fop tells me something about last-line-end-indent not being implemented yet,
  this may be related to the problem).

Thanks a lot,

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