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Subject: DOCBOOK: Forcing page breaks in print output

Hi All.

New to the list, so if this is an FAQ, I apologize.

I've searched the list archives and really haven't figured out how I
might be able to force a page break in printed output.  I'm using the
RefEntry element and wish to have each entry begin on a new page.  I've
found by reading the archives that the BeginPage element is not for this

Back on February 10, 2000, Norman Walsh responded to a question about
BeginPage and in his reply included this portion:

| I'm happy with the html page chunking and I would like to have the
same page
| breaks with <sect1> on both postscript and rtf files.

To get that behavior with Jade, simply add "break: page" to the
container produced by sect1's.

Not being intimate with Jade, I'm curious where I add this command.  I
take for granted that modifying a stylesheet is what would be required
to create the behavior I want.  Is there similar functionality in a
dsssl I can "borrow" from.


- Nate >>

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