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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Forcing page breaks in print output

In dbparam.dsl you have:

(define %refentry-new-page%
  ;; REFENTRY refentry-new-page
  ;; PURP 'RefEntry' starts on new page?
  ;; DESC
  ;; If true, each 'RefEntry' begins on a new page.
  ;; /DESC

Putting #t instead of #f will do the job.


Juan R. Migoya

Nate Bargmann wrote:

> Hi All.
> New to the list, so if this is an FAQ, I apologize.
> I've searched the list archives and really haven't figured out how I
> might be able to force a page break in printed output.  I'm using the
> RefEntry element and wish to have each entry begin on a new page.  I've
> found by reading the archives that the BeginPage element is not for this
> purpose.
> [snip]

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