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Subject: DOCBOOK: Docbook websites

I'm not too thrilled about the website xsl pages.  I'd like to use the Docbook format.  Usually web applications consist of dynamic content and static content.  I'd like to get the static content in a docbook format (all in one place).  As far as having too much content in one place, I was thinking before (with my own format) to create virtual sites, where links would point to different docbooks (or even articles-this hasn't been completely thought out).  However, the stylesheet would be the same so the site would be consistent. 
It is a matter of design... How much content would go into one docbook xml file is important but it seems this would be an issue anyway.  For example having the W3C xml and SOAP specs in the same webpage does't make too much sense and makes the page much larger. Why not have two docbooks?
However, the links to different docbooks would be hard-coded into something like the doc.header section.
Radical?  What I've been doing so far is parsing xml files on the fly with xalan/xerces and some Java classes and would like to continue with this if the 'xml' is not very big.  It doesn take a lot more processing power, but publishing the content is a matter of uploading a new xml document.
Just my 'slant' on things.  If I get anything up, I'll post something.
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Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 2:39 AM
Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: New Member...

At 23:44 25/08/2001 -0400, Roy Hoobler wrote:
>I've been trying to do several website content models as XML (for websites
>or 'portals').  Some are already in production.  I wish I found out about
>docbook sooner!  Is anyone else doing customer XSL/website-style
>development with docbook?  I started thinking 'articles' would be safice
>but now would like to create the entire website with a TOC for navigation
>and Appendix/Glossary for help content (maybe).
>Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone has similar ideas.

You could use docbook stylesheets from sourceforge, though Norm Walsh has
a suite of stylesheets that sit on top of docbook specifically for websites.
nwalsh.com and www.dpawson.co.uk are both built using these stylesheets.

The website stylesheets are at



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