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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: New Member...

At 23:44 25/08/2001 -0400, Roy Hoobler wrote:
>I've been trying to do several website content models as XML (for websites 
>or 'portals').  Some are already in production.  I wish I found out about 
>docbook sooner!  Is anyone else doing customer XSL/website-style 
>development with docbook?  I started thinking 'articles' would be safice 
>but now would like to create the entire website with a TOC for navigation 
>and Appendix/Glossary for help content (maybe).
>Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone has similar ideas.

You could use docbook stylesheets from sourceforge, though Norm Walsh has
a suite of stylesheets that sit on top of docbook specifically for websites.
nwalsh.com and www.dpawson.co.uk are both built using these stylesheets.

The website stylesheets are at



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