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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Glossary

Katharina Udemadu a écrit :
> My plan is to create one big Glossary that contains GlossEntries related
> to different products (for
> company internal usage).
> As part of the product documentation, I want to create product-related
> glossaries.
> Can anyone give me advice how I can proceed?

Either sorting each product related glossary in different files, or in
different <glossdiv>. Another option is to use attributes like "OS" to
differentiate the terms and then just use some of them at compilation

The glossdiv and attribute options will require to hack the stylesheets

> I noticed that there is an attribute SortAs for GlossEntry - what is it
> used for (I don't understand the description.)? Any Example?

from TDG: "SortAs specifies the string by which the element's content is
to be sorted. If unspecified, the proper content is used."

I don't think this is used in stylesheets?

> And one final glossary-related question: what is the correct markup for
> synonyms (another word
> used for the GlossTerm)?

I would personnaly use other entries like that:

<glosssee otherterm="sgml"/>


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