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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Glossary

Katharina Udemadu <katharina.udemadu@WiredMinds.de> writes:

> Hallo,
> Is there anyone who has experience in selecting particular GlossEntries
> for processing?
> My plan is to create one big Glossary that contains GlossEntries related
> to different products (for
> company internal usage).
> As part of the product documentation, I want to create product-related
> glossaries.
> Can anyone give me advice how I can proceed?

Off the shelf, DocBook provides a "subject" attribute on Glossdef, so
you could use that to associate each of Glossdef with a product.
But... it seems like what would be more useful is a flag on each
Glossentry container instead, so maybe something like this:

    <glossentry id="gloss.foo" role="product_one">
        <para>A widget used in Product One.</para>

That way, you could then use Jirka Kosek's profiling stylesheet in the
XSLT stylesheet distribution (tools/profile/profile.xsl) to generate
product-specific versions of the glossary. Just set the value of the
XSLT "attr" parameter to "role" and the value of the "val" parameter
to the product categories you want; for example, using Saxon, to
generate a glossary containing just entries you've flagged with
"product_one" and "product_three", you'd do something like this:

  java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet \
    glossary.xml /docbook-xsl/tools/profile/profile.xsl \
    attr=role val=product_one;product_three

And to make things easier on yourself, I think you could save the
trouble of typing your product names each time if you worked from a
DTD customization layer in which you set the value of the "role"
attribute for Glossentry to an enumerated list of your product
categories, which you could do by redefining the
glossentry.role.attrib parameter entity like this:

<!ENTITY % glossentry.role.attrib
           "role    (product_one
                     | product_two
                     | product_three) #IMPLIED">


Michael Smith, Tokyo, Japan    http://sideshowbarker.net

A speck of Rapture - first perceived
By feeling it is gone -

  --Emily Dickinson (1468)     http://www.logopoeia.com/ed/

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