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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Transforming SGML

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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 08:17:59AM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Josef Karthauser <joe@tao.org.uk> was heard to say:
> | Imagine that I define a new element, <xequation> some tex equation </xe=
> | Is it possible to use DSSSL to rewrite this as:
> | <inlineequation> <graphic fileref=3D"foo"> </graphic> </inlineequation>
> | and have the rest of the stylesheets process the inlineequation in
> | the normal way?
> You could write a stylesheet to do that, but you couldn't also process
> the result with the standard DocBook stylesheets in the same pass.
> You'd have to implement a two-pass process.

Ahha, I was beginning to think that.
> | I haven't got my head around DSSSL enough yet to know whether this is
> | possible or not.
> It's technically possible with the DSSSL standard, but not with Jade.
> (Jade doesn't implement the transformation language portion of DSSSL.)

Thanks. :)  I'll stop banging my head against it and handle it in
a different way then.

Many thanks.


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