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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Inline code fragments

Norman Walsh wrote:

 > / Rune Enggaard Jensen <rune@enggaard-lausen.dk> was heard to say:
 > | I thought of using <quote role="code"> or the "catch all" element
 > | <phrase role="code"> and customizing the stylesheets.
 > |
 > | Is this sensible or is there a better approach?
 > I usually usually use literal.

Ah, ok, I never thought of that, since I usually think of literal *data* 
when using the word literal.

I can see from the description in TDG that it fits nicely. Would it make 
sense to add a new element for this to distinguish data from other types 
of literals? Of course, it one can just use the role attribute for this.

Thanks for the quick response!!!!!

Best regards,


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