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Subject: DOCBOOK: WebSphere Application Developer and DocBook XML


Has anyone used IBM's WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD) for editing
DocBook documents?

I didn't manage to create a DocBook XML so far. After specifying the DocBook
DTD in the XML file creation wizard WSAD (thinks for several seconds and
then) requests for selecting a root element from a drop down list - which is
empty. Manually inserting something like 'book', or '<book>' will be

That's the explanation from the WSAD online help:

    The root element of an XML file is
    the element that contains all other
    elements in that file. All elements
    defined in the DTD or all global
    elements defined in the XML schema
    are included in this list.
    Note: If you do not have any elements
    in your DTD or any global elements in
    your XML schema, you cannot create an
    XML file from it.

Any ideas?

Bye & thanks!

Matthias Krehl

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