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Subject: DOCBOOK: docbook/website : problems building it


I was wanting to make my own branch on the docbook/website
modules, so i checked out the docbook/website CVS tree.

I also decided to work on a means for auto-generating a catalog file
during the 'make all' in the docbook/website source-tree, using data
that would be added to the various docbook/website files. I wasn't
sure if that was already taken care of with 'make website.dtd'; i
haven't been able to get website.dtd to successfully build, either.

Problem 1: where the heck does ./sourceforge/docbook/docbook/xml/1.0b2/  come from?

from the top of the docbook/website source-tree, I tried
  make CVSTOOLSROOT=../cvstools website.dtd
but, i got an error, with the following output:

../cvstools/flatten website-custom.dtd > website.dtd

Parsing website-custom.dtd...
Parsing extensions.mod...
Parsing namespaces.mod...
Cannot open .//sourceforge/docbook/docbook/xml/1.0b2/sdocbook-custom.dtd
make: *** [website.dtd] Error 2

...so, in the docbook/website source tree, where exactly is
./sourceforge/docbook/docbook/xml/1.0b2/ supposed to come from?

do the HACK HACK HACK forms in cvstools/flatten need to be changed,
when trying to 'make website.dtd' on a system that isn't the one where
you guys are building the docbook/website releases?

Problem 2: missing 'make' targets

- missing a rule for .tabular, in ./example/Makefile:

../cvstools/cvs2log -w
../cvstools/mergechangelogs > WhatsNew
make -C example clean
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/sc/project/hypermedia/docbook-extn/docbook-website/dist/example'
Makefile:21: .tabular: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `.tabular'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/sc/project/hypermedia/docbook-extn/docbook-website/dist/example'
make: *** [zip] Error 2

- seemed to be missing a rule for saxon64/.classes in ./extensions/Makefile

(output unavailable; just take a look at the stated Makefile. the
target is referenced, but never defined.)

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