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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: DOCBOOK: Formatting problems

Let's see if someone can help me on one topic related to DocBook formatting.
Now I am posting to the correct list.
The thing is, I am preparing two papers for an upcomming meeting, Coling2002
in Taipei.
They ask for some formatting matters. I can mimic all of them apart from
two aspects:
-point 1: They ask the double column to start after abstract. Apart from
this, I would like to have the three authors in a 3column shame. Much in
the way of:
  Author1  Author2  Author3 (this part I will try with table as I was told
by Yann Dirson but I am not sure if a table can exist at this level, or
perhaps did Yann think in table flow object rather than table element?)
    Body of paper
-point 2: they ask for body of text in 11pt and titles in 14pt, but
docbook only allows to specify body size, and calculates multiples of
it. This way paper title appears huge andsubsections appear in smaller sizes.
I need all non-body text to be 14pt.

I have tried some customisation, and I have only managed to put all text
in same font with multiplier 1, but I need 11 and 14.
I have also hacked the jade tex output but only managed to have first
page in 1 column and next pages in 2 columns, but not mixed in the same

I just think someone had to have this problems before, and could send me
a customisation or some indications as to what can I do.

It must not be complicated, as it affects only to the things before body
text, but I didn't solve it yet myself.

Any help?

By the way, I am using DSSSL stylesheets in Debian and jade and SGML DTD4.1


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