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Subject: DOCBOOK: suitable markup for "service" ?

I'm working on a document where the notion of a "service" frequently
crops up.  Examples of services: syslog, network, cron, inetd,
sendmail, sshd etc.

Some properties of "service":
- long-running - usually starts when a computer boots
- considered infrastructure by other applications
- service may be a process (eg syslog), or may not (eg network)

As a docbook newbie, none of the following seem to quite fit the bill:

  <systemitem class="resource">syslog</systemitem>

<systemitem> seems like the right element, but none of the class
values seem right.

I wondered whether a new class value for <systemitem> would make
sense, but subsequently discarded all of:
- "servicename" - too vague
- "processname", to label a (long running) process on an
  operating system, eg:
    <systemitem class="processname">init</systemitem> 
  but service is a slightly more general notion,
- "assignedname", referring to names assigned by some authority,
  capturing (for example) the keywords at:

So I guess I'm sharing the puzzlement and seeking suggestions re: the
best choice of markup.  The problem domain is:


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