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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: unsubsribe ralph.wolf@t-online.de

On Wed, 29 May 2002 ralph.wolf@t-online.de wrote:
> please advise how to leave the group. To whom should I address to be
> remove?

Nobody, at least nobody in person. Please see
http://www.docbook.org/mailinglist/index.html for how to subscribe and
unsubscribe as well as posting guidelines.

"To unsubscribe send email to <docbook-request@lists.oasis-open.org>
containing the single line:

> Who is the admin?

I guess Norman Walsh. But as mentioned above, (un)subscription goes by
means of an automagic electronic software agent that manages the

> Your contributions arrive one by one in my email folder. Your are

Isn't that nice ;-). But seriously, if you're interested in this group you
might subscribe to the digested version of this mailinglist which sends
collected batches of postings to you instead of each and every posting by

> definitely no Yahoo group or belong to any other organisation that I
> know.

No we are no Yahoo group! We're related to the Organization for the
Advancement of Structured Information Standards [OASIS]

But do you receive postings from this list without ever having actively
subscribed to it?



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