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Subject: DOCBOOK: RFE: online values for pubwork

I've submitted the following RFE at sourceforge. Comments are

In DocBook 4.2 the citetitle element has these seven enumerated values
for the pubwork attribute, all denoting various kinds of traditional
print publishing:


However, more and more often, important, citeable work is being
published first or only online. This is especially true in
DocBook's domain of technical documentation. While occasionally
one of the above fits an online publication (e.g. pubwork="journal"
can equally well describe an online journal as a paper one), there
are many other cases, where this is not true. For example, here's
a citation of an e-mail message posted to xml-dev that I've included
in my next book:



       Attribute normalisation and character entities</ulink>
       posted on the xml-dev
       mailing list, January 27, 2000

I propose the addition of at least three new values for pubwork:

     An e-mail message, generally though not necessarily
     one posted to a public list.

     A web page, normally though not necessarily written
     in HTML and accessible at a certain URL on a certain date.
     An alternative would be a "url" value for
     any resource that is addressable by a URL.

     A posting to a Usenet newsgroup

Alternately, it might be reasonable to subsume all three of these cases
(and several less common ones besides) into a single "online" value.
However, it is increasingly clear that the current set is too limiting.

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