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Subject: DOCBOOK: docbook for RPGs

The long view:  I've written a role-playing game with a co-author (who 
is shortly likely to be fairly annoyed with me for exploring this 
angle), and I'm trying to release it under a GPL-like license.  Thus, 
I'm interested in an open standard, and currently that is HTML.  (Yeah, 
yeah, groan, ick, I know.)

So I'm interested in using docbook, I'm convinced docbook is better than 
peanut butter, etc., and not surprisingly, this over-enthusiastic newby 
has some questions for the list.

1. Is there any sort of "dialog mode" set of tags?  Game examples often 
have entries where one party is talking to another, and the names are 
set off, followed by a colon and the text of their speech, alternating 
back and forth.  QandA doesn't seem to be the right tag.
2. What's the state of conversion tools?  PDF is a publication mode very 
common for online-distributed games anymore.  The very kind Norman Walsh 
mentions that xml2pdf has "shortcomings"--I'm not too particular about 
how this thing is going to look, but I should arm myself beforehand.
3. What about free editing stuff?  I have xemacs but it fills me with 
liquid fear.  But I don't relish pumping in all those tags by hand.

Thanks all for your kind attention.

"The net can be controlled from outside, and therefore, resistance must
be organized from outside."  --Hakim Bey

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