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Subject: DOCBOOK: Which conversion method should I use?

      I have been writting documentation with DocBook and I like it,
      but now I want to publish it and I'm having several problems:
      -I'm a Windows XP user
      -I use xsltproc to generate html and fo, and fop to generate pdf
      -Now the beginpage tag is not recognized by the XSL (which is
      the last version available), so I cannot organize the resulting
      document as I want.
      Could someone post an ideal configuration and tools to publish
      DocBook documents without problems?

      -Operating System used
      -Tools used to transform to HTML and PDF
      -Method used, DSSSL or XSL

      I would prefer a Windows solution, but if I have no choice, I
      would use Linux.

      Best regards and thanks for any comment.

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