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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re[2]: Which conversion method should I use?

Hello Norman,

Friday, June 21, 2002, 5:53:06 PM, you wrote:

NW> |       I would prefer a Windows solution, but if I have no choice, I
NW> |       would use Linux.

NW> I think all of the possible tools can be made to work on Windows.

I'm using xsltproc and FOP to transform a DocBook document to PDF on
Windows, but I have some problems with <programlisting> because all
the source code is aligned to the right and some kind of justified.
Another member of this list pointed me to use PassiveTex, but I think
it's a Linux only solution, Can I run PassiveTex on Windows?, If so,
could you tell me how?. There's another FOP processor for Windows?

Best Regards.

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